4 year wedding anniversary

Today I celebrate 4 years of marriage to my dreamboat! My wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s gone by so fast! We’ve had a wonderful 4 years filled with so much and I can’t wait for the next 44! 🙂 But on a different note I wanted to talk about wishing others on their anniversary. To me it’s something to mark and wish people especially if they are a) family, b) friend and c) if you attended their wedding. But today the only person (from this list of people) who called to wish us was my mom. Not my best friend (bridesmaid), mother in law, sisters in law etc. I feel hurt and I don’t know if I’m justified or not. All my friends, when their anniversary comes around, I wish them via a call or whatsapp message because, to me, it’s something to celebrate and note because divorce rates are so high and it takes effort to make a marriage work.

But that’s all I wanted to mark down about that.


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